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Inwestycje Zagraniczne w Polsce

Directory Outsourcing - Article

transcosmos IS taps the strong potential in Warsaw with new office

transcosmos Information Systems (IS), a global BPO service provider, announced that they have a new office in the town of Warsaw in Poland. It just opened this June with more than 100 seats to serve the volume of need in the booming city.

transcosmos IS taps the strong potential in Warsaw to keep on improving the range of capabilities and opportunities in the area. It is looking to elevate the BPO expertise and knowledge in Warsaw. The sector of modern businesses considers Poland to be the leading European location for their outsourcing services. As of 2016, the country already has more than 1,000 BPO centres. The BPO industry saw a 20% growth in the recent years.

In line with that, transcosmos IS found this as a chance to widen their list of supported languages in its customer service and IT solutions. Currently, the employees at transcosmos IS are already able to speak 30 different languages. To strengthen this core, native Polish speakers will also be working with transcosmos. The Warsaw BPO industry has employed over 200,000 people so far, and it is projected to increase tremendously by 2020.

This new transcosmos IS office is expected to contribute massively in the companys number of clients at 2,500 in more than 14 countries. Consequently, transcmos IS works with a new set of talented people and top-of-the-pack technology to achieve operational excellence, cost efficiencies, and ultimately, business growth.

Recently, transcosmos IS added Cluj-Napoca in Romania with a new support centre to solidify its European expansion strategies. This new office joins the list of places such as Milton Keynes in the UK, Budapest and Debrecen in Hungary, Manila in the Philippines, and Austin, Texas in the US that welcomed transcosmos as an outsourced solution provider.

With almost five decades in the IT outsourcing industry, transcosmos IS has established itself to be a leader by winning awards and getting global recognition. Its ranked 33rd in the list of top 100 global outsourcing companies.

For three years now, it is hailed as one of the Global Outsourcing 100 Leaders. Gartner also recognized transcosmos efforts by ranking it first as The Worlds BPO Player for The Asia/Pacific and Japan region.

transcosmos has all its channels open to continue serving end-to-end solutions to companies globally through social media like Facebook. Also, the transcosmos website serves ( as the main hub for all things related to the IT outsourcing company.

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