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Directory Outsourcing - Article

ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO enters Poland with the most advanced service in talent management

Due to almost 70 years of experience, ManpowerGroup offers a full spectrum of solutions from recruitment and competence assesment, through training and career management to external placements, process outsourcing and personal advisory. Now the company has opened another site for ManpowerGroup Solutions, that specializes in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Our region draws more and more market leaders, who introduce new solutions. Those investments directly translates into our growing attractiveness among other European locations- says Ryszard Świlski, Deputy Marshall of Pomerania

For the last five years ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO scored first among similar companies worldwide. Almost eighteen months ago the company opened one of its four Competence Centers providing services for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) in Gdańsk. Today the center employs almost fifty professionals, and aims at doubling the headcount next year, along with the growing number of clients’ requests.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the future of the job market. This relatively new service already has won the favor of US and UK companies, which started exploring its possibilities en masse in the last decade- says Jeff Brown, EMEA Solutions Manager Using our experience we decided to expand further and introducing RPO to the Polish market. We are in the proces of negotiating first agreements with Polish business- adds Alex Bojarski, Director of Gdańsk Competence Center, reponsible for group’s RPO in Poland.

We’re very happy, that a company helping many of our investors find the right employees, also appreciated the talent pool provided within the Gdańsk Metropolitan Zone, and decided to grow its investment in Gdańsk. – says Andrzej Bojanowski, Deputy Mayor of Gdańsk

The new ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO site will provide job opportunities for experienced professionals, as well as juniors. The most sought asset will be people skilled in foreign languages who seek growth within HR, and who are set on delivering applicable new solutions, and possess analytical skills.

Advantages of RPO 

Introducing RPO into a company results in a significantly higher transparency and

cost projectability, cutting down costs of filling a position, more effective

recruitment process resulting in not only the right experienced candidates, but

foremost people best sutied for the particular organization.

There is no better way of managing the company’s assets, then outsorucing

whatever provides costs, and is not (or doesn’t have to be) our area of core

business expertise. It lets the company Focus on its mission, products or service.

Human Resources are a complex, expensive and time consuming process, at

thesame time being key to any organization. It shapes the spirit, and the culture

of an organization, as well as the quality of the employees. This is why it’s so

hard to pass this responsibility to any ‘service provider’- explains Alex Bojarski–

Hence we treat RPO more like consulting, supporting our clients, partnership built

on full confidence and understanding of needs/challenges on the client’s side.

Who is RPO for?

RPO can become a great answer for many companies in Poland. It doesn’t matter

if the company employs hundreds of qualified blue collars in a factory, or rather

wants to consolidate financial processes and build a Shared Services Center


Many companies start their andventure with RPO from a so called ‘Project RPO’,

short-term pilot programmes, covering a chosen fragment of the recruitment

process. This is a period, whithin which we design solutions through tracking and

assessing the client’s processes. We also alter and improve them. We continue

this job until we reach tangible results. Thanks to this approach we succeed in

reaching candidates unavailable for the client thus far, or shortening the

recruitment process- which transfers on faster generating income, and minimizing

recruitment costs, which is typical for RPO- adds Marta Lyczmańska, RPO Program

Delivery Manager.

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