Biomed-Lublin will provide the Ministry of Health with an anti-tuberculosis vaccine worth PLN 4.65 million

Biomed-Lublin will provide 72,000 doses of BCG anti-tuberculosis vaccine – Moreau strain worth PLN 4.65 million, the company announced. At the same time, Biomed is entering new export markets – in January, the first deliveries of Gamma Anty D to Croatia and Onko BCG to Slovenia and Great Britain were made.

“We once again won the tender for the supply of BCG anti-tuberculosis vaccine. For years, we have been its key supplier for the Ministry of Health, and the contract we have won only confirms our dominance in this area. Biomed has the best technology in this area, which allows us to win tenders and secure the Polish Healthcare System and patients with such key biological products for many years. Independence in the scope of supply influences the drug safety of our country, which is a priority, said the president of Biomed-Lublin, Maksymilian Świniarski.

The Moreau strain, owned by the Lublin company, is considered the safest in the world. It has been continuously used in Poland for preventive vaccinations since 1955. Currently, the BCG Biomed Lublin anti-tuberculosis vaccine is delivered to 9 countries outside Poland, emphasized.

Parallel to winning contracts on the domestic market, the company continues its foreign expansion. This results in the appearance of your own products on new markets.


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