BioCam has obtained PLN 2 million from Dawid Urban, plans to commercialize capsule endoscopy

BioCam has obtained PLN 2 million from investor Dawid Urban, which will accelerate the commercialization of a breakthrough solution, which is a non-invasive method of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of the digestive system using a capsule-size probe, the company said.
For the company, this means a total of nearly PLN 9 million obtained for accelerating development – previously BioCam won, among others, capital from the LT Capital fund and a grant under the NCBR Fast Track program.

“This is a typical angel round for me, preceding round A and one of the most interesting investments in my portfolio. I see enormous potential in it to revolutionize and improve the field of medicine, which concerns an increasing number of people, at an increasingly younger age (…) ”said Urban, quoted in the release.

The BioCam solution is a remote and non-contact system for diagnostics of the digestive system using capsule endoscopy. It is a whole environment of interconnected and cooperating three elements: capsules (hardware), image analysis software (software) and a telemedicine platform. Its effectiveness has already been tested on 14 volunteer patients. The first results are promising, assessed in the material.

“Tests with the participation of volunteers allowed us to check the operation of our solution in real conditions and modify the test parameters to further support doctors in diagnosing pathologies of the digestive system. Thanks to this process, we obtained the data necessary to create the second version of our endoscopic capsule. We plan to improve the entire BioCam platform, ”added Maciej Wysocki, President of BioCam.

BioCam is a medical company established in May 2019 that designs, builds and implements medical electronic devices. Its latest project is a system for remote, precise and painless capsule endoscopy. From mid-2020, its investor is the LT Capital fund.


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