Bank Pekao signs deal with City of Łódź for budget management

Bank Pekao has concluded a contract with the city of Łódź for servicing local government budgets – the contract was signed completely remotely thanks to SelfieSign, the bank said. Pekao is the first financial institution that signed a contract for servicing the local government budget using the “selfie” verification mode and authorizing the documentation with a qualified signature, underlined.

Such solutions can be used not only by companies, but also by public institutions and local governments, the bank said.

“We are very happy to establish cooperation in the field of banking services with the city of Łódź and subordinate organizational units. Both the scale of the project and the individual elements of the contract that we will implement are important, ”said Jerzy Kwieciński. vice president of Bank Pekao responsible for the Corporate Banking, Markets and Investment Banking Division.


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