Baltic Pipe gas deal with Norway to fully replace Russian gas

With Nord Stream 2 running into new regulatory obstacles, Poland could be importing gas from Norway via the Baltic Pipe as early as October next year.

Poland took a huge step towards diversifying its energy mix away from Russian gas supplies this week with the completion of the final sea bed section of the Baltic Pipe project.

The pipeline, which connects Poland with Norwegian gas fields via the Baltic Sea and Denmark, will have a capacity of around 10 billion cubic metres per year, roughly equivalent the amount of gas Poland currently imports from Russia.

Poland’s current agreement with the Russian energy giant Gazprom expires next year.

Tomasz Stępień, the CEO of Gaz-System, Poland’s state-owned gas transporter, said that the underwater section had been the most demanding and that completing in on schedule was a key step towards energy security.

“Ahead of us are still some technical and reception tests. We have about a year to conduct these trials, so that we can initiate the commercial gas transfer from Norway to Poland on October 1, 2022,” said Stępień.


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