Arval rolls out electric cars program

Arval Service Lease Polska (part of BNP Paribas Group) assumes “in an optimistic scenario” that by the end of September it will sign a leasing contract with Bank Ochrony Środowiska, and at the beginning of October it will be prepared to call for applications from entrepreneurs interested in renting a car with a surcharge, said Robert Antczak of Arval Service Lease Polska.

“We want the entire process to be as simple as possible for the entrepreneur. We can already see a lot of interest from companies, we already had about 100 inquiries, including 19 reservations for electric vehicles, within a few days of posting information on this subject on the website, ”Antczak said during the videoconference.

He emphasized that the company also started the first talks with large companies with fleets of passenger cars and small vans, which also showed great interest in subsidies for electric vehicles, because many of them declared goals related to reducing CO2, and the replacement of the fleet with electric cars could help with that.


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