Amazon Web Services will launch a local zone in Warsaw

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the exact locations of 32 new local zones. The Polish AWS local zone will be built in Warsaw. Poland is one of the 26 countries where local AWS zones will be created, said Przemek Szuder, AWS CEE General Director.

“Thousands of customers are using local AWS zones to optimize their applications and smooth transition to the cloud. Soon it will also be possible for companies in Poland. The local zone in Poland will mainly allow for local data storage and improvement of the quality of services provided in real time. The new opportunities will be appreciated by companies from virtually all industries, ”said Szuder, quoted in the press release.

The new zones will enable local businesses to use AWS’s most popular services while seamlessly connecting to applications running in AWS regions with the same flexibility, pay-as-you-go (pay-as-you-go) model, application programming interfaces (APIs) and toolkits, also noted.

“Thanks to local zones, AWS customers will be able to offer users one-digit millisecond delay times. It will also be possible to process and store data in the country, which is important mainly for organizations from regulated markets, such as the financial or telecommunications sector. (…) ”we read further.

Amazon Web Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon, providing cloud computing platforms and APIs on demand to individuals, businesses and governments on a pay-as-you-go basis.


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