Alumetal maintains its target of over 250,000 tons of sales with a slight profitability adjustment

Alumetal maintains its target of over 250,000 tonnes of sales in 2022 and expects a slight correction in profitability, which should allow last year's results to be maintained, said president Agnieszka Drzyżdżyk.

“We started this year very well. The number of sales in Q1 and the level of orders in Q2 allow us to maintain this year's target, which is sales at a level higher than the 250,000 in the strategy. tons, ”said Drzyżdżyk during the conference call.

The company expects a drop in raw material prices and is hedged against them.

The Alumetal capital group operates in the foundry and metallurgical industry in the production of secondary aluminum, i.e. the production of aluminum casting alloys and primary alloys from aluminum scrap. The Alumetal Group is a national leader in this field and is the fourth largest producer of secondary aluminum alloys in Europe. The company has been listed on the WSE since July 2014. Its consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 2.19 billion in 2021.

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