Allegro will block the sale of products from Russia and Belarus

From March 14, Allegro and Allegro Lokalnie will not be able to sell products from Russia and Belarus. - We do not want to support the Russian and Belarusian economy - the company justifies.

In a message to sellers, Allegro announced that from March 14 it would block offers with Russian and Belarusian products. - When you try to list such an offer, you will see a message that it is not possible. This applies to issuing offers via the form, API and from a file - the company said. She emphasized that she did not want to support the Russian and Belarusian economy, and had previously blocked sellers from both countries on its platforms. 

"Now it's time for the next steps," she added. Allegro has indicated that it will not remove already posted offers with Russian and Belarusian products. At the same time, it encouraged sellers to remove such offers. - In this way, together with us and other sellers, you will express your opposition to the Russian and Belarusian aggression - it was stated.

Allegro is by far the most popular e-commerce platform in Poland. According to a Mediapanel study in January this year. recorded 21.87 million users and 73.58 percent. range.

Allegro users donated over PLN 5 million to Ukraine Immediately after the start of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, Allegro donated PLN 1 million to the Polish Migration Forum for legal, psychological and social assistance in organizing life in Poland for refugees from Ukraine. Then it gave 1 million zlotys more to several organizations helping Ukraine. In addition, the platform promotes virtual donations offered by the Polish Center for International Aid (for PLN 10, 20, 50 and 100) to help Ukraine. Until Wednesday, users bought donations for over PLN 5 million.

Read more at: Sprzedaż-produktow-rosja-bialorus-wojna-agresor.

- A total of 7 million to help our friends from Ukraine. Thank you - Marcin Gruszka, Allegro spokesman, commented on Twitter.

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