Allegro implements a durable medium based on blockchain and WORM technology from KIR

Allegro has implemented a durable medium service provided by KIR. The solution based on blockchain technology and WORM (Write Once, Read Many) matrices is used in communication about news and changes introduced in the Allegro regulations and to store its subsequent versions, the company said. This guarantees the customers the invariability and non-repudiation of these documents. It is the first application of a durable medium in the field of e-commerce.

“A durable carrier from KIR will increase the safety and convenience of our customers. The solution guarantees that the document has existed in the given shape at the specified time and has not been changed. Thanks to this cooperation, our clients will no longer receive extensive attachments in e-mails, and the new versions of the Allegro regulations will be easily available to them for 10 years, ”said Dominik Falandysz from Allegro.

“Data security is the basis of digital information exchange. By creating a durable medium, we wanted to develop a universal service that can be used in any sector of the economy. Thanks to the simultaneous use of WORM matrix in cloud computing, blockchain technology and trust services, a system unique on a European scale has been created”- commented Robert Trętowski from KIR.

A durable medium is a service developed by KIR together with technological partners – Hitachi, IBM Polska and the National Cloud. It responds to the needs of secure documentation storage and communication with clients. Durable medium complies with regulatory requirements – meets the criteria for the transfer of electronic documents to recipients and ensures compliance with the GDPR.

Allegro is the number 1 trading platform in Poland. Sales are mainly carried out by companies via the e-commerce platform The value of products sold (GMV) on the group’s platform accounted for approx. 3% of the retail market in Poland in 2019. The company made its debut on the WSE in October 2020.


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