Akomex increases capacity for folding cartons in Poland, may buy more companies abroad

Packaging producer Akomex is investing in the expansion of the company, with the intention of exporting more to Eu countries and the US in the future.

Polish packaging manufacturer Akomex has increased capacity at its Starogard Gdański plant with the installation of a new printing press and finishing equipment. The company specialises in high-quality folding boxes for the food industry, more and more of which are entering foreign markets. Grzegorz Łajca, president of the group, explains that the investments are to contribute to growth, especially in EU countries and the USA. Exports currently account for more than 40 per cent of Akomex’s sales and the company’s strategic goal is to increase this share.

Akomex is also eyeing an expansion through non-organic growth. “In our industry, it is rare for a Polish company to acquire a foreign competitor. We did it with the purchase of Plano Pack in Denmark, which we acquired in 2018,” Mr Łajca said. Further acquisitions of packaging producers in Poland or abroad are not ruled out.


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