Spanish Acciona teams up with SSE Renewables target Polish offshore wind market

Acciona Energia and SSE Renewables are already jointly developing offshore wind farms in Spain and Portugal. This time they are targeting Poland, with plans to bring 6 GW of wind power by the end of the decade.

With the rapid development of renewable sources in the world, the Polish energy sector is not lagging behind. The first step will be to generate at least 23% of energy demand from renewable sources by 2030 and 28.5% by 2040. Polish wind energy plays an important role in this process, by 2030 5.9 GW of capacity will come from offshore power plants.

As part of the Polish goal of developing offshore wind energy, Acciona Energia and SSE Renewables signed a cooperation agreement to formalize a 50-50 joint venture operating on the Polish market. The company was founded while observing the successful cooperation of companies in Spain and Portugal. Both partners also recently signed a separate cooperation agreement to further develop joint projects in the Iberian Peninsula.

“(…) Poland is a very promising country for the development of wind energy, in which Acciona Energia can boast over fifteen years of experience, as well as local teams and good knowledge of the market. We have and operate over 100 MW of power from onshore wind energy in Poland, we are also actively working on many new projects in the country” – said Rafael Mateo CEO Acciona Energia.


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