Crowdfunding helps raise 1 million pln for Katowice startup revolutionizing animal research.

A startup from Katowice, which is the only one in the world to conduct the EHAA study, which determines the health condition and disease trends of a pet based on the analysis of its hair, has launched a public offering of shares on the Beesfund platform worth almost PLN 1 million.

As a result of interest from the veterinary industry, the laboratory, in cooperation with the University of Agriculture in Krakow, is developing a similar study for dogs.

“The received signals indicating a clear interest from breeders and veterinarians led us to ask for the help of academic experts to jointly prepare a similar test method for animal hair based on proven element reference values. The preliminary results turned out to be very promising, thanks to which we received support from a government agency and an investment fund, which in turn led to the commercialization of the service at the beginning of 2021” – says Marcin Maciąg, CEO and co-founder of Pets Diag.

The EHAA test provides the owner with the most reliable value and proportion of nutritional and toxic elements present in the animal’s body. From the caregiver’s point of view, the test is very simple and virtually non-invasive.

From February 15, new shareholders can board the company. On that day, the company launched the official issue of series B shares with a total value of PLN 999 thousand. PLN, which will constitute 9.37 percent. all shares of Pets Diag S.A. The issue price is PLN 6.08 shares.


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