Blue Boson targets water ecology market

Entrepreneurs more and more often raise the issue of ecology through the prism of CSR activities, but there are also players on the market who aim at shaping a completely different dimension of the planet. One of them is Blue Boson. The goal of an international start-up is to restore water… a new life?

Blue Boson is an international company specializing in new technologies that are able to prevent the greatest crisis in the history of the world, thanks to hydrological solutions, fixed on three levels: physical, chemical and energy. The activities of Robert Zagożdżon’s team are supported not only by highly qualified specialists, but also researchers from Europe, Asia, the United States and Mexico. Blue Boson has established cooperation with with the Warsaw University of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology, the University of Technology in Brno and Košice, or the Japanese University of Kobe, and it is thanks to these units that the company’s projects have specific foundations in the latest scientific expertise.

The company has already taken some steps to holistically investigate the water potential as well as potential countermeasures for the current crisis. Thanks to scientific work with Laura Maestro (University of Oxford) and cooperation with quantum physicists from Italy, Mexico, Spain and the USA, the group led, among others, by by Robert Zagożdżon published a report in which he presents the most pressing problems of the planet in the context of water resources, as well as real tools with the potential to be implemented over the next few years. Objective? In the short term, combining own research achievements with molecular technology. In the long turn – the fight for a better tomorrow.

Recently, the company has established close cooperation with the global brands Evertis Ibérica S.A and Selenis Europe S.A from the IMG Group. The last undertaking that may raise Blue Boson’s position to the level of global eco-biz visionaries is establishing close cooperation with companies belonging to the IMG Group. It was with these entities that Zagożdżon initiated pioneering solutions, including in the field of industrial restructuring.

Thanks to the Blue Boson® Effector environmental technology, the concern successfully implemented a project covering the entire IMG Group, aimed at increasing the efficiency of their energy circuits, such as heating, cooling or steam production. The technology has been in operation since May 2021 and in the first 3 months the Group saved 50,010 Nm3 of natural gas in its industrial units in Portugal, a decrease of 6.86%. average annual consumption of natural gas. At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 108 tons.


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