start-up allows you rent out your own car

Other brands from the automotive industry confirm the increase in popularity of cars for short- and long-term rentals, i.e. for a minimum of one day with a specified mileage limit. A company that feels increased demand is among others, the only Polish peer-to-peer car sharing mechanism (person to person).

BEEP works similarly to classic car rentals. The only difference is that it does not have its own fleet – it is made up of private or company cars, the owners of which have decided to rent them out to others. When browsing the available models in the BEEP search engine, customers choose mainly used cars – those that until recently were unused in parking lots.

“Our Partners themselves set the daily rate they want to receive for renting their car. We help them determine these amounts by indicating the suggested rates for each car size. Ultimately, market mechanisms verify the price. If the cars are well-kept, relatively new and the brand is popular, customers use them more often and are willing to pay more” – says Arkadiusz Adamowicz, sales leader at


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