DeliveryCouple bringing delivery robots to your home

Robots delivering food and shopping to the door are soon to be a novelty on the Polish delivery market. The idea to use this type of device to deliver shopping, mail or pizza, moving on sidewalks and bicycle paths, arose even before the outbreak of the pandemic, but it was as a result of which the innovation gained momentum. Some foreign players, for example in the United States, already have 1,000 such couriers. “Food delivery robots are really in the near future,” says Sergius Lebedyn, founder of DeliveryCouple. His company is the first to develop technology on domestic soil.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the food service industry years ahead. Restaurants and bars that had been closed for several months had to invest in take-away services. So they started looking for modern solutions to increase the comfort and safety of their customers, and thus affect the profitability of their business. This includes smartphone applications dedicated to their services and offer, and the use of customer delivery systems offered by courier companies.

The idea for robots in this industry is a novelty in Poland. However, Sergiusz Lebedyn believes that within two or three years, on average, about 10 robots of this type will run in every major Polish city, delivering food and shopping. They will do it on shorter distances than the couriers. The last mile, i.e. delivering a package to the customer’s hands, is a well-known problem in the logistics industry, and in gastronomy it is also strongly related to the time of delivery. The restaurateur does not always have a free courier on hand. Such machines are a welcome solution for several other reasons as well.

“If we talk about the benefits of food delivery robots, it is primarily the price. The robots will occupy the supply market below 3 kilometers, so on the one hand it will be cheaper, on the other hand it will be more predictable and scalable”, explains the founder of DeliveryCouple.

This solution will work, for example, on days or hours when there are the most orders. For example, we usually wait longer for our favorite pizza on Friday evening than on other working days.


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