A breakthrough capsule from Poland will examine the digestive system

A Wrocław startup that revolutionizes diagnostics and creates an alternative to gastroscopy has acquired an investor and is preparing a contract for technology licensing.

BioCam is fighting for $ 52 billion. Gastrointestinal cancer treatment market BioCam fights for $ 52 billion the treatment of malignant neoplasms of the gastrointestinal tract

BioCam hit the radars of VC funds and business angels – first the company from Lower Silesia convinced the LT Capital fund, then obtained a “bridging” round from a private investor from Poland, and now it received support from another angel. Dawid Urban, co-founder of the Chic and Less groups, has just invested in the startup. It will recapitalize BioCam with the amount of PLN 2 million. For an innovative company, this means a total of nearly PLN 9 million obtained for accelerating development. Established in 2019, the so-called medtech is taking another significant step towards commercializing its breakthrough invention.

Maciej Wysocki’s Wrocław startup is developing a non-invasive and painless method of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of the digestive system using a capsule-sized probe. Endoscopic capsules supported by artificial intelligence can change the lives of many patients.

The Wrocław startup has a team of 26 members as well as 10 permanent advisers. It constantly cooperates with three research units. Recently, BioCam was strengthened by Łukasz Horanin, a technology and R&D expert who previously worked side by side with the Scuderia Ferrari and Palantir teams. The commercialization process in the company was entrusted to Grzegorz Moczko. The leader of the machine learning / AI team is Martin Tabakow, a specialist with over 20 years of scientific experience in the use of deep learning technology.


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