More Belarus IT Startups moving to Poland

Startup Hub Poland Foundation has managed to bring 20 startups to Poland, said president Maciej Sadowski. They are operating under the government program “Poland. Business Harbor ”, which is responsible for attracting Belarusian companies to Poland.

Official data show that since the program was launched in the fall, almost 14,000 visas for IT specialists from Belarus and their families have been issued. Just the Startup Hub Poland Foundation, which is responsible for attracting young projects, received over 150 applications for very innovative startups. These are teams mainly in the area of ​​artificial intelligence, algorithms, the so-called machine learning and augmented reality, said Maciej Sadowski.

There is, for example, a group of IT specialists that has developed a platform for quick communication between participants of the medical technologies market in Poland. Another team is working on 3D printing, while another newly established company monitors and analyzes the cardiological parameters of pregnancy. We even have rehabilitation platforms to help stroke patients. Robotics supporting the human body is just a step away from CyberPunk. Sadowski added.


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