Onde will begin construction for two PV projects with a total capacity of 35 MW as early as 2022

LPP Logistics will open a distribution center in Romania with an area of 65 thousand m2 by the end of the year

The number of mergers and acquisitions in Poland increased by 18% y/y to 348 in 2022

ML System has obtained two patents for quantum technologies

Prometheus, from the portfolio of JR Holding, begins the commercialization of its drone platform

Halvetic begins another year of global expansion with plans to include entry into the Italian and British markets

JR Holding ASI is working on further investments and fundraising

Healthnomic has started the process of acquiring the right to WAT technology regarding, among others liquid biopsy

PGE EO has building permits for 3 PV farms with a total capacity of over 100 MW in the province of Lublin

The consortium of ING BSK, PKO BP and mBank granted a PLN 776 million loan for renewable energy with a capacity of 200 MW

BGK provides Budimex with a PLN 45 million loan for a free wind farm with a capacity of up to 7MW


Onde will begin construction for two PV projects with a total capacity of 35 MW as early as 2022

Medicalgorithmics has an agreement with Express Diagnostics to distribute products in the UK. Britain

Pure City has launched the first two charging stations, it plans 50 until the end of the first half of the year

Elenger from the Eesti Gaas group wants to acquire customers in Poland for 1 TWh of gas in 2 years

OX2 has obtained a permit for the wind farm in Grajewo

IFS Poland & EE assumes the expansion of the partner channel and growth on foreign markets

Mex Polska opens a new Chicas & Gorillas premises in Łódź

DHL Parcel starts cooperation with Allegro regarding e.g. Smart!

SatRev has a contract for satellite monitoring of crops in Poland, worth PLN 39 million

CloudFerro in a consortium providing services under the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem

Answear is on the right track to exhaust the warehouse’s potential of PLN 2 billion in turnover

What about diesel after February 5? An embargo is coming.

The Wind Farm Act is already being processed. The new regulations have been waiting in the parliamentary “freezer” for the summer

EKIPA Investments ASI invests in tattoo booking platform INKsearch

Warsaw Equity Group together with Cezary Smorszczewski invests in 3Soft and the Occubee platform

Noctiluca has an implementation project agreement with a Taiwanese OLED manufacturer

Orlen VC has made its fifth largest investment so far – in the Shippeo platform

Rafako has started work on a bankruptcy petition

Compremum has agreed with its partners the terms of investment in the production of batteries in Poland

Medinice has a contract with a subcontractor for the implementation of the EP Bioptom project

The project of the Creotech consortium called with quantum communications has a contract for EU funding